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Who are we?

We acknowledge, recognize, and anticipate the challenges our society, business environment, and entrepreneurs face. That is why MAXIM / Associates started and consolidated itself as a team of formidable and reference lawyers in the field of business law in Transylvania.
Based in the heart of today’s Cluj-Napoca, but at the border of the old medieval fortress of the city, we’ve built our career on the same coordinates: experience and tradition, strategy and innovation, all working for the success and prosperity of our clients and partners.
Our company was founded in the spring of 2016, having its headquarters in the main city of Transylvania. This phase occurred naturally, as a result of the reunion, since of 2014, of the experience and professional practice of our two founding lawyers.
What unites and defines us is a creed of full commitment to our profession as attorneys-at-law and to our clients and their affairs, team spirit, and the constant need for self-improvement. By applying our principles and core values, we formed and attracted a strong team of professionals, with a mixed background: legal, economic, tax and audit.
For the successful representation of our clients and their business needs, our team of lawyers is carefully selected to meet the highest professional standards and demands. Our lawyers are deserving graduates, with a prestigious academic background. This is because we strive to be not only a suitable partner for our clients but also a practical law school, where we train and shape the new generations of lawyers who will assist and guide tomorrow's business.

Vision, mission, value

Our vision is to represent the standard for excellence in the field of business law in Transylvania.
Our mission is to understand and anticipate business needs, to offer high-quality, results-oriented legal services that serve as a catalyst in all aspects of the growth and development of our client's business.
The main values that guide our activity are: authenticity, the belief that brilliant ideas find you working, strategic thinking and overview, attention to detail, and creativity. We all share a belief in our full commitment to our legal profession, to our clients, and to their business.
All these common principles are summarized within our MAXIM / Associates team.

Latest news

MAXIM / Associates recruits senior lawyers


MAXIM / Associates recruits a senior lawyer (with a minimum of 2-3 years in the profession). The announcement is valid for the city of Cluj-Napoca.

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The new amendments to the Fiscal Code


Starting from 1 November 2023, Law 296/2023 came into force, which amended the Tax Code.

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In order to successfully represent our clients and their needs, our team of lawyers is carefully chosen to meet the highest professional standards and demands. Therefore, the lawyers of the Society are deserving graduates of prestigious faculties, possess solid knowledge in the branches of law in which they profess, and are educated in the spirit of the principles cultivated within Maxim Ivan & associates.


Elimination of the legality control exercised by the judge upon registration in the Trade Register and the impact of this measure

On July 26 th 2022, the Law No. 265/2022 on the Trade Register and on the amendment and completion of other acts affecting the registration in the Trade Register was published in the Official Gazette. This law will enter into force on November 26 th 2022.

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Societal differences: The legal rules governing the exclusion of an associate from a company

Companies are based on the product of the willful agreement of several persons who decide to work together within the company, an agreement reinforced by the essential affective element of the company contract - affectio societatis .

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Litigation and arbitration

Litigation is the hard core of our work and the challenge for any professional in the business. In this area, we successfully represent clients in all procedural phases of a dispute.



In the field of taxation, we provide our clients with an analysis of problems arising in the area of taxation, identifying solutions that ensure certainty and predictability.



In non-litigious insolvency proceedings, we have a team of 3 insolvency practitioners at our side to ensure that all aspects specific to these proceedings are fully managed.


Corporate and business

Corporate is the foundation and future of any company, business, transaction, or investment. The internal architecture of any company and organization is a living organism, always transforming and evolving.


Capital market

Since its establishment, the law firm MAXIM/Associates has consistently assisted various clients in specific capital market activities.


Mergers and acquisitions

MAXIM/Associates assists companies in carrying out acquisitions, mergers, rejection of hostile takeovers, and all operations prior to and subsequent to such transactions.


Real Estate and Construction

Real estate and construction requires from the lawyers involved a lot of innovation, speed, and a multi-disciplinary approach, elements that are constantly provided by the MAXIM / Associates team for clients in this field.


Public procurement

Our law firm has developed over the years a particular interest and involvement in public procurement. Public procurement law is particularly complex, which requires, in many cases, the identification of those general principles belonging to administrative and public contracts law, as well as European law.


Energy and Natural Resources

The Energy and Natural Resources practice has involved MAXIM/Associates' lawyers and specialists in various projects in the fields of electricity, heat, oil, and gas.


IT and Telecom

The IT and Telecom industry brings some of the biggest challenges to a lawyer, due to the need to adapt national legal instruments to businesses built and developed in foreign legal systems.


Intellectual property

The field of intellectual property has always been a challenge for specialists in private law because of the particularities it brings to traditional civil law.


Financial banking law

Our lawyers assist in all legal aspects of banking and finance. Whether we advise various Companies in their relationship with financial-banking institutions or we assist these Institutions, we are constantly involved in projects related to the financial banking field.


Labor law

Labor law, despite having fewer regulations than other branches of law, presents many challenges in our clients' business practice.



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