Raluca Maxim

Managing Partner

Raluca Maxim

Understanding the client’s business is essential for providing an impactful legal perspective.

Raluca MAXIM is a senior partner and co-founder of MAXIM / Associates.

Her main values are: strategic thinking, creativity, authenticity, integrity, and determination.

In what her academic background is concerned, Raluca’s LL.B in Law at the Babeș Bolyai University is doubled by her LL.B in Economics. Following these, Raluca further obtained her LL.M in Law in the field of "European and national business law".

These coordinates have provided an insightful overview of the business of the clients she came to represent.

In terms of her professional practice, Raluca has significant experience in providing legal advice on complex corporate issues (especially joint-stock companies), corporate governance, shareholders exercising withdrawal rights, restructuring, mergers, and acquisitions.

Equally, Raluca has gained a broad experience in the field of administrative litigation and public procurement, from the notification of requests for clarification regarding the award documentation, to the formulation and support of relevant appeals or requests for intervention before the NCSC (in Romanian CNSC) or in front of the competent judicial courts, as the case may be.

In recent years, Raluca has expanded her work in the field of intellectual property, labor law, and personal data protection, where in a short time she has managed to achieve remarkable results.



Her work highlights include:

  •  Ensuring legal advice and representation in public procurement procedures in the automotive filed, with an estimated total value of EUR250 million + VAT;
  •  Ensuring legal advice and representation in public procurement procedures with an estimated value of over EUR600 million + VAT, in the field of special vehicles;
  •  Providing legal advice and representation in major corporate restructuring projects in the IT  field;
  •  Providing legal advice and representation regarding the registration, protection and, as the case may be, the defense of the trademark or copyright rights, key for the Clients' business
  •   Managing complex labor law projects, resulting in groundbreaking solutions, including but not limited to a distinctive referral to the Constitutional Court regarding the unconstitutionality of several articles from the Romanian Labor Code.
  • Coordination and implementation of GDPR compliance procedures, starting from the initial assessment and to the integration of the General Manual of Data Protection Procedures.

Her motivation is given by the desire to cultivate and pass on the values and skills needed to become an authentic legal professional.


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