Alexandru Filip

Alexandru Filip


Success in the legal profession cannot be measured only by the results obtained. Loyalty and mutual trust must be included in the definition of success, without which it is just a mere statistic.

Alexandru Filip graduated from the Faculty of Law at Babeș-Bolyai University.

During his studies, he was open to extracurricular activities, participating in courses organized by the Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas, as well as in simulated litigation competitions organized at national level.

Alexandru Filip is a senior lawyer in the Cluj Bar and primarily works in the following areas of practice: tax law, corporate law, and public procurement.

His activity mainly involves providing legal advice during pre-contractual negotiations or during negotiations that occur in the current activity of companies or other private law entities, but also providing legal assistance and representation during litigation.


Alexandru has the ability to synthesize the most appropriate courses of action through which the results expected by the Client can be achieved, ensuring, at the same time, the presentation of a correct overview of the issues under analysis.

By way of example, the following points of reference for his work may be mentioned:

  • Legal drafting and submission of tax complaints, consequently admitted by the tax authorities, leading up to the cancellation of the taxes imposed to the companies;
  • Successful representation of clients in tax disputes on the resolution of which depended on their capability to continue their economic activity and not go into default.
  • Design and completion of corporate restructuring operations;
  • Involvement in large-scale public procurement projects;

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